Ding Dong! Avon Lady's Calling! Is This Calling Yours? How To Tell

Posted on: 22 September 2017

When you get tired of the long hours stuck inside and behind a customer service desk, what should you do next? Well, if you have spent a lot of time selling products for the company and only getting a poor man's share of the profits, you might want to consider self-employment as a salesperson. There are lots of companies that offer self-employment opportunities and higher wages for the sales professional. Take Avon for example. Do you have the right stuff to be an Avon sales agent? Take a look:

You Are an Expert When It Comes to Sales

It does not take much for you to sell anything. You are one of those people that could sell an ice bridge to a polar bear living in an igloo at the North Pole during a blizzard; you are that good. If you received several special awards and recognition with your current employer, you could sell jewelry and cosmetics all on your own.

You Are Highly Self-Motivated

Money drives you, and you drive toward money. In fact, when you need it or want it, you will charge full steam ahead in business just to get the money. You would go without sleep to close a sale and stay after-hours to make sure you have done an excellent job. When you sell something like Avon, you need this kind of drive to succeed.

You LOVE the Products

If you do not love what you are selling, that passion will not transfer over to the excitement you use to sell to customers. Granted, not all of your sales for Avon (or similar companies) will come from door-to-door sales, but when you want to make more money, you need to exude enthusiasm. Imagine trying to talk about products you hate or do not trust in a happy upbeat way. Not only does this not work, it gets really stressful after a time and then the job really begins to get to you. If you already love the products of a self-employment company, work your heart out for that company (and for yourself!) and you will be successful.

You Love the Benefits

Most people who go into business for themselves love the fact that they can take time off whenever they want to. They can go shopping when they need to. They can be present for their kids. Some of the sales you do for this company are passive too, meaning you just leave sales brochures in public places and strangers place orders. It is one of the easiest jobs you could ever have.

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