Benefits Of Models Working With Editorial Makeup Artists For Photoshoots

Posted on: 17 March 2023

If you're a model and want to have success in this industry, then you need all the help you can get. That includes assistance from an editorial makeup artist. Here are a few helpful things they can do for shoots you have coming up. 

Choose Makeup Based on Skin Tone

One of the most important factors to account for when selecting makeup for a photo shoot is skin tone. This attribute can vary from model to model, which won't be a problem if you hire an editorial makeup artist. 

Before they start planning how you're going to look for your photo shoot, they'll assess your skin tone in person. From there, they can choose compatible makeup products that bring out your best features. You'll thus feel confident on shoot day and ultimately make the most out of each shot because of how your makeup ultimately came together.

Effectively Hide Imperfections

Even if you have healthy skin and take care of your body, you could have imperfections come up on shoot day. For instance, there might be some red spots on your face or a breakout. Fortunately, you can easily hide these imperfections as a model when you hire an editorial makeup artist.

Whatever imperfections are on your body, this makeup artist will work their magic so that they don't stand out at all. You just need to let this makeup artist assess your skin and physical attributes in person long enough. Then they'll know how to respond to each imperfection that they identify or you bring to their attention.

Comply With Shoot's Theme

Oftentimes, models having their pictures taken for a professional shoot will need to comply with a theme. It might be a jungle or western shoot for instance. If you hire an editorial makeup artist, they will take into account this theme and then design your makeup accordingly.

This way, you can comply with the vision of the photographer and ultimately ensure your pictures come out the best based on the setting/environment that you'll be around. You just need to make sure your makeup artist sees the set in person before they choose makeup and put it on your body.

If you're a model and looking to stand out during photo shoots, then consider hiring your own editorial makeup artist. They can do wonders for your appearance and ultimately give you the confidence you need in this competitive industry. 


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