All About Eyebrow Waxing

Posted on: 3 September 2019

Eyebrow waxing obviously gets rid of those annoying stray eyebrow hairs that can be real attention grabbers. However, waxing your eyebrows can also offer you a lot more than just getting rid of those annoying hairs. You can learn about some of the different things that having your eyebrows waxed can do for you here.

You can get the perfect arch

Some people are born with a nice arch in their brow. However, there are others that have eyebrows that don't seem to have a shape and look messy in general. When you have your brows waxed, you can have the shape of arch created that you want. Some people like a slight arch while others like a more extreme arch. As long as you have enough brows to create your desired arch, you can have it waxed into your brow.

You can get the desired thickness

If you have very thick eyebrows, then you may like them, or you may wish they were thinner. No matter what it is that you want, you can have it done through waxing. In order to keep your thick eyebrows, less will be taken. If you want them thinned, then more will be waxed while making sure to also achieve the shape that you want.

You can get the desired length

If you have very long eyebrows, you can keep the length while still having them waxed. If you have short eyebrows, then you are going to want to have them waxed with your desired arch in mind and then you will have to fill in the rest with an eyebrow pencil. Or, there are more permanent ways that you can have more added to the length of your eyebrow, such as with permanent makeup applications.

You can help your eyes look wider

The way your eyebrows are shaped can also help you to get specific looks from your eyes. If you have small eyes that you wish were bigger, then going with thinner eyebrows that have a higher arch can help your eyes to look more open. However, if you already have large eyes, then you may want to keep the brow less arched or you can end up looking a bit startled. You can also have your eyebrows waxed so they are thin and somewhat high in order to give the appearance that your face is longer than it really is.


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