Long-Time False Lash Wearer? Make The Switch To Extensions

Posted on: 21 September 2020

Do you wear false eyelashes more often than not? Many people love the thick, full look that false lashes provide, but they are no longer your only option for achieving this eye-popping appearance. These days, more and more people are making the change to eyelash extensions. If you are a false lash wearer who is open-minded and likes to explore other options, then it's time to consider extensions because they offer the following benefits.

1. You won't have to spend time applying them every day.

Even after you get "good" at it, putting on false lashes takes a few minutes each morning — minutes that you would probably rather spend doing something else, like making a nice cup of coffee. With eyelash extensions, you just have to go visit the salon to have them filled and replaced every 6 - 8 weeks. This is less of a time commitment and something you can better plan around, rather than being obligated to spend the time every morning.

2. Your eyes will be exposed to less glue.

Lash glue is not necessarily the healthiest thing, and it can make your eyes irritated. If you wear false lashes every day, this irritation can build over time. With eyelash extensions, not only will your salon professional make sure your eyes are protected from the glue, but you'll only be exposed to wet glue once every few weeks, which is better for your eyes.

3. Your eyelashes will have a nice, full look 24 hours a day.

The thing about false lashes is that you do have to take them off every night! If you decide to go out and do something after you've removed your lashes, then you either have to go without them or put new ones on. This is not an issue with eyelash extensions; they're there for you 24 hours a day, so you always have your full-lash look, even at 2:00 am.

4. You'll create less waste.

All of those false lashes just end up in the trash bin. While it's not a lot of waste, it is unnecessary waste since you could instead wear one set of eyelash extensions for 6 - 8 weeks. Extensions are a great fit for a low-waste lifestyle.

Many long-time false lash wearers are making the change to extensions. If you want to join them, just make an appointment at a local salon. You'll be surprised how much easier extensions are!


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